As your business applications and data needs grow over time, companies can outgrow their infrastructure. Growth is supported in bits and pieces, integrating additional compute and storage but eventually many are faced with a dilemma. Aging hardware needing replacement, a server closet without the right kind of protection and the inherent risk of your applications running in your office – those are the times that business will consider outsourcing to a data center partner and the complexities of moving their applications… Our team at Canada15Edge Data Centers has decades of experience operating a comprehensive Toronto data center and here are some of the considerations,  do’s and don’ts for data centre migration.

1. Do capitalize on capital improvements

When it is time to replace aging server, network or storage technology – that is an idea time to consider moving to a data centre. Your business is already driving a need to replace outdated hardware while improving software functionality; ideal time to migrate to a data centre. You can buy and deploy your new equipment to the data centre, continuing to run from your old environment until your applications and data are migrated and tested. A pain free migration! Additionally, your data centre provider might be able to include hardware in their solution at better pricing due to their economies of scale.

2. Don’t overlook power costs & capacity

Don’t forget to include Power costs on the PLUS side when determining if you should move to a data centre. Right now, your company may be paying directly for hydro costs – if you move to a data centre, that cost goes with your equipment. Don’t forget to find out the power capacity of your new data centre  You may Make sure that you take into consideration your future power needs and ensure that your facility has the ability to handle needs as they arise. Ensure you work closely with your team to review your current power demands and to analyze how these demands might rise in the future.

3. Do complete a review of your infrastructure needs

When moving to a new Toronto data center, make sure the facility has the requirements to meet ALL of your future needs. For example, do they offer enough cooling to safeguard your equipment? What level of security does the data center provide both in terms of physical security and network protection? Can they get you to the Cloud if you decide to add that to your service deliver? Think through what you need today or might need in the future – make sure you consult with your chosen Toronto data center to confirm they can support your business plan.

4. Do consider how Cloud or backup services might help with the migration process

Cloud, Backup and Replication technologies can be useful tools for a pain free  migration  to your new Toronto data center. It is useful to work with a Data Centre that understands the technology and has options available to help. They can help you navigate options available to you when looking at your specific environment.  For example, your team might be able to use cloud technology to temporarily house workloads and services during the migration. You might have an existing backup process that your data centre can leverage to facilitate the migration or you might choose to move some of the workloads to the cloud permanently. When you think through a technology refresh, data center migration and cloud – having a savvy data centre partner to bounce ideas off can help your company build the ideal environment capitalizing on cost-efficiencies while improving security and availability.

5. Don’t overlook the risks of data migration

Risks are inherent during any data center migration. For example, your company could experience extended and unplanned downtime because of the migration. Ensure you consider the potential for risk within the data migration process and enact strategies that help mitigate these risks. Sometimes it makes sense to work with an organization that specializes in moves to reduce the risk for your business.

 Our experienced team at Canada 15Edge Data Centers has significant experience helping companies complete the data migration process successfully. To learn more about this process and to speak to our team about the benefits of our services, please call today.