Managed colocation services are now the ideal solution for companies struggling with the costs of an expanding business. Our team at Canada15Edge Data Centers has significant experience in the colocation industry and has helped thousands of companies to build secure data infrastructures using our expertise in colocation. In this latest post, we’ll explain the top five reasons to use managed colocation services.

  • Save money on IT staff

With growing demands placed upon their teams, business owners across the country are now hiring more IT staff to account for the focus on data security. But these costs have to be managed carefully. Many companies are now choosing managed colocation services so they don’t have to continually spend more money and more time training their IT staff.  They can simply rely on their colocation specialist to handle upticks in demand.

  • Achieve customized IT solutions

Colocation providers have a comprehensive knowledge of IT support and IT operations. They can help your organization to achieve a custom solution to commonplace challenges. For example, if your company requires a Private Cloud service that connects your sales team to their sales tools, the colocation provider can add that service to your package.

  • Accelerated business growth

Your company must be able to respond to its growing client base with the ideal services based on demand. This isn’t always achievable with your current budget and with resources focused on other areas of your expansion. Turning to a managed colocation services provider can help ensure you manage your growth effectively, working with qualified infrastructure experts to build scalable networking solutions that meet your rising traffic demands. Colocation companies can also help assure effective regional growth for your firm, providing local services to specific client groups.

  • Full data security

Data security is the number one IT consideration for proactive companies around the globe. Working with a colocation specialist can help you protect your customer’s data and alert you to any changes within your network immediately before it becomes an expensive issue to fix. Your networks will be fully monitored around the clock, which also helps protect your firm in case of any power outages that might impact data security. Your colocation provider will construct a detailed security plan for you and ensure that all potential attack scenarios are considered and prevented.

  • Support services

When you encounter a challenge within your on-site IT infrastructure, you have to depend upon on-site professionals for guidance in resolving the problem. Having access to managed colocation services provides you with a support network. An expert is ready around the clock to answer your questions and provide you with information on the performance of your systems.

For customers outside of the Toronto area or even Canada looking to reach their customers here, managed colocation allows you to host your systems and data without the need to hire local IT staff. Equipment can be shipped to your colocation provider where their infrastructure specialists can act as your local support team.

Our team at Canada15Edge Data Centers is here to guide you in building the ideal colocation solution for your business. To learn more about your options, call us today!