Focus – Flexibility – Fully Redundant

There has been a great deal of consolidation in the Canadian Data Center marketplace limiting choice to consumers and partners alike. The business challenge now is finding a well designed data center with superior service at a reasonable price.

Canada15Edge Data Centers comfortably meets this criteria sitting squarely between the largest and smallest providers:

Large Telco

Telcos are typically focused on connectivity and bundle in other services that you may not want. At C15Edge, we believe we can be more flexible and responsive to your needs.


Canada15Edge Data Centers provides enterprise quality without the premium price. Our facility is well designed and maintained with concurrently maintainable power and cooling. We are a flexible and agile organization that will work with our partners to build custom solutions to your specific needs.

We focus on Colocation and Disaster Recovery, working with our partners, rather than competing with them, to deliver any capabilities further up the managed/Cloud services stack.

Low End Providers

Lead by price but cannot provide the necessary infrastructure required to meet enterprise up-time requirements. Additional products may be offered which may similarly be poorly supported and can compete with channel partners. Limited ability to expand to meet your needs.

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