Azure recently reported another outage. A typical notification, initially described as a sub-set of users before being more accurately reported as a major outage. The cause? A cooling issue in their data center.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Right from the horses mouth that Azure’s Cloud just like AWS Cloud and ALL of the public Clouds are delivered from data center environments. Despite their sales rhetoric of ‘getting out of the data center’ – Cloud lives in the data center. They themselves are dependent on data centers that need to be managed correctly to ensure there is security, redundancy & monitoring and trained professionals to keep the environment running.

The challenge from a Business Consumer prospective, is that with all Public Cloud services (IaaS, SaaS or PaaS) you are trusting your delivery to your Cloud Service Provider. You see their pretty Graphical User Interface, their written Service Level Agreement and marketing material describing their capabilities. The fact is, that if you are accountable to YOUR customers, internal or external, you are relying on them to meet your obligations. And outages like this can tend to shake your trust.

Don’t get us wrong – We love the Public Cloud as well as the Private Clouds running at the C15Edge facility. We believe that all customers will eventually end up with a multi-cloud + Colocation environment which is what C15Edge is designed to support. C15Edge has the ability to interconnect Public, Private and Legacy systems from the comfort of our convenient and cost effective Toronto based sites.

Another difference? We don’t hide behind a GUI or SLA – we DO have a great SLA but we welcome our customers (or our CSP customer’s customers) to visit the facility and experience the security, redundancy & climate controlled environment that protects their applications. They can even hug a server if they like 😉

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