We were pleased to be the focus of an article by BEC magazine. Excerpts and download link follow:

Savvy consumers know that researching cell phone plans or Internet providers is the best way to nail down that ideal combination of price and service. The same holds true in the corporate world, particularly when it comes to protecting one of the most important components of any businesses — its data.

Canada15Edge Data Centers Inc. (formerly C151) knew that they could provide a unique combination of great customer service, highly secure and redundant space, power and fibre connectivity (C15 Colocation) in a convenient location, at a reasonable price. Data centers are all about “uptime” or, conversely, how frequently servers are not available to users. Virtually all businesses use servers for data storage, back and front office operations, transaction processing and other mission critical activities. Uptime is largely impacted by the degree of redundancy built into the power supply and fibre connections. Two redundant pieces of critical equipment, two fibres and two sources of power are better than one. Downtime can be very expensive and very likely as the grid does fail from time to time and singular pieces of equipment can also fail or fibre networks can go down…..


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