Mark MacDonald, CEO of C15Edge Data Centers in Insights Success!

IoT, Wearable Computing – Where Everything is Addressable

Synopsis: …Next up in the evolution is the IoT – internet of things – wearable computing – where everything is addressable – and including very time sensitive apps.  In a nutshell, cloud is / can be relatively slow; and for any applications employing vast amounts of data (Netflix, Film and TV Production Industry etc) and speed, latency matters; therefore location matters (as well as direct connectivity).  This demand is / will be huge.  As one pundit exclaimed: what happens when all of our refrigerators order milk at the same time!

At Canada151 Data Centers we try to keep a finger on the pulse of all changes in the IT landscape and we are keen observers and participants in the ongoing debate between cloud, private cloud (and all other variations), and dedicated infrastructure.

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