We are excited to FINALLY announce a few changes that have been working on in the background. We are now C15Edge Data Centers!

Our core business remains the same, but we are refreshing our brand to C15Edge Data Centers. We are the same team offering the same highly redundant (2N for Power, Cooling and Network) data center at an affordable cost. Our name change has more to do with alignment. We have had tremendous success offering Canadian ‘Edge’ data center capabilities to domestic and International customers alike and believe this trend will accelerate as Cloud and IoT services continue to propel the market.

We are also revamping our website technology. While the site has served us well, it was overdue for a technical update. We needed to move to a responsive design that would allow our mobile and desktop users to have a similar web experience. We are also beta testing an integrated Ticketing System that will be available as a support feature on the new website. Our customers will have the option of logging in via the website and managing their own specific tickets as an enhanced self service feature.

You’ll start to see the content refining to include our ‘Edge’ data center messaging. For us and our customers, Edge Data Center means:

  • Highly Redundant Data Center
  • Direct Network Access – The ability to bring our customers and their applications on the Edge of the Canadian networks servicing their Users. This includes major markets in Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and the East Coast)
  • Hybrid ready services able to support Colocation (for steady workloads/legacy systems), Cloud (Private services, integration with Public Cloud) and Network (Carrier agnostic, Secure WAN extensions, Cloud Connect)

In the weeks ahead, you will notice the content on our website, social media sites and communications evolving to highlight the new brand and aligning to the edge data center message.

Again, we are still the same people and organization looking forward to serving you for many years to come.

If you have any questions, or wish to sign up as a beta customer for the Ticketing System, please let us know.

Best Regards

The C15Edge Team