Overwhelmed by backup sources, managing multiple tape environments and backup software versions to protect your business applications?

C15Edge and ThinkOn solve for media sprawl

The Challenge

Our customer had ended up with a data management nightmare. With compliance requirements to maintain historic data, over the years they ended up with data sprawl, a variety of external disk, local drives and tape media. Tape provided a durable option for long term storage but the ongoing cost and maintenance burden was getting out of hand.

As technology and IT Managers had changed, so too had the software and hardware. The IT team was left with multiple backup software licenses, filing cabinets full of hard drives, as well as managing the relationship (and costs) of a 3rd party tape storage vendor.

Restoring from tape became a time consuming and complicated task, often requiring rebuilding an environment that that hadn’t been touched in years.

C15Edge and ThinkOn solved their issues with Clone2Cloud! 

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