Highly Redundant Data Center Services

At Canada15Edge, we focus on the right infrastructure to deliver uptime to our customers. We invest our capital in multiple Generators, UPS and HVAC systems for example to ensure no single point of failure and protect our customer systems. We also have a strict, 3rd party audited maintenance program to ensure all systems are well cared for.

We don’t spend on flashy office space or glitzy marketing gadgets – just solid infrastructure so that we can offer cost effective solutions to our customers.  As an added benefit, we are an agile, mid-sized organization without the overhead (or bureaucracy) of a large company.

The Pricing Matrix below shows a few standard configurations and pricing. Since one size does not fit all, you probably have some more specific requirements that we would be pleased to discuss with you.

Please contact us so that we could help.

Space Power Bandwidth Monthly
Single 1U 1 AMP x 120V 100Mbps $99
¼ Rack (10U) 15 AMP x 120V 100Mbps $479
½ Rack (21U) 20 AMP x 120V 100Mbps $759
Full Rack (42U) 20 AMP x 120V (A+B) 100Mbps $999

PPC Landing Page with pricing matrix

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