We are in the midst of an unprecedented time not seen in modern history. The COVID-19 virus has spread quickly across the globe and the response has led to massive disruptions in North America. Every family, person and business has been impacted by the pandemic and efforts to lessen its impact. In many jurisdictions, including the Greater Toronto Area, social distancing bylaws have restricted face to face interactions, led to business suspending operations and a wide scale change to working remotely from home.

 Where they existed, companies dusted off and began executing against Business Continuity plans which often were not fully deployed. Where plans did not exist, IT departments have scrambled to put solutions in place.

Data Centers and Telecommunications providers, like C15Edge, are essential services supporting business continuance. Although we remain fully operational and focused on providing security and availability for our customers and their users, it hasn’t quite been business as usual. We’ve been focused on helping our customers keep their systems and people working.

Our primary concern has been ensuring that we have done everything possible to keep clients attending the data center safe. As a hybrid data center, we have also been busy bringing on additional capacity for our customers who need it.

C15Edge has been able to assist our customers through:

COVID Protocols – since Colocation is a core service with customer requiring emergency access to their equipment, we’ve added some additional hygiene protocols to reduce risk.

  • Our now twice weekly cleaning programs include disinfecting of all surfaces with bleach or alcohol agents.
  • Sanitizing workstations have been setup throughout the facility with both hand sanitizer and wipes to allow customers to routinely clean their hands and work area.
  • Adhering to social/physical distancing protocol for staff and visitors alike.
  • COVID-19 preventative information from Health Canada and the WHO have been posted throughout the facility.

  Providing IT Support acting as part of their IT Team within the data center

  • C15Edge is one of a handful of data centers that will offer hands on support for customer equipment.
  • From receiving to rack installation, we help clients scale their hardware without having to travel to the site. 
  • Most physical needs supported by our team (Smart Hands – crash cart, triage, hardware replacement/RMA.

Scalable On-Demand ServicesColocation , Connectivity and Private Cloud

  • Quickly making additional space, power and connectivity available for customer equipment
  • Increase in rack network capacity to support increased demand from home workers
  • Spinning up additional Private Cloud capacity to support customers bringing up additional applications

In a nutshell, we’ve been busy working on the right things to keep our customers and their end users up and running. We continue to help them as they evolve their continuity plans while reacting to the challenges of today.  We’ll continue to help our customers as the dust settles and we collectively figure out what the new business normal is in the future.