• Uptime, Guaranteed! – Highly available design with no single point of failure for Power, Cooling and Fibre Networks, We offer a 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement backed by real infrastructure.


  • Low Latency Edge Network – C15Edge maintains direct links to Canadian backbone providers both locally and through our redundant connections to Toronto’s carrier hotel. Our clients have the advantage of improved application performance for their Canadian customers.


  • Client Focused Solutions – Flexible, high touch and tailored to our client needs. We solve many of today’s business problems with solutions delivered by C15Edge along with our extensive partner ecosystem.


  • Hybrid Data Center – As customers look for cost effective application delivery options, they end with a blend of data center + multi-cloud to meet their business needs. C15Edges delivers our customers a full hybrid suite of in-data center, multiple Private Cloud options along with Public Cloud interconnection.