Data Center Design

Cost effective, No Compromise – 2N with no single point of failure for Power, Cooling and Fibre.

Highly Redundant and Secure

  • Uptime, Guaranteed! – No single point of failure for Power, Cooling and Fibre supports an industry leading Service Level Agreement. 
  • Carrier Neutral – Low latency access on the edge of Canadian backbone networks with redundant direct links to Toronto’s carrier hotel.
  • Client Focus – Flexible, High touch solutions tailored to our client needs. Solve today’s business problems with C15Edge & our extensive Partner Ecosystem.
  • Hybrid Data Center – We are a hybrid-ready data center supporting Colocation, Private Cloud and Cloud Connect secure and private access to Public Clouds.

Data Center Features


C15Edge core design principal for critical systems is no single point of failure. Since resilient power is the cornerstone of reliable IT operations, our Power infrastructure is designed to a concurrently maintainable standard.

Power System Details:

  • Redundant Generators & Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • True (A + B) Power Distribution available to customer cabinets
  • Diesel and Natural Gas fuel diversity to avoid fuel delivery issues
  • Scalable design with expansion capacity already on site

At C15Edge we can offer customers a 100% power availability Service Level Agreement, supported by REAL infrastructure.


C15Edge’s concurrently maintainable design standard continues with two completely diverse cooling systems, each capable of supporting all IT load within the data center. Multiple HVAC units , heat exchange/condensers and distribution ducting with ability to add capacity on the fly. Our design means worry free operations for our customers.

Environmental System Details:

  • Liebert standard with 2N design
  • Regulated climate control for cooling and humidity
  • Plenum return with hot / cold aisle configuration
  • Engineered for scalability with ‘plug and play’ for expanding HVAC capacity
  • Custom options available for high power density requirements


Keeping your data center anonymous is an important security concept. Our premier site is located in a commercial industrial park without much fanfare. While we do blend in with the neighbourhood, it masks a robust security apparatus that protects our customers.

 Security Design Details:

  • 24/7 Perimeter and Internal security monitoring
  • Two factor authentication perimeter access controls
  • Internal security zones controlled by Key Card Access doorways
  • Mission critical zones protected by mantrap and biometric authentication
  • 24/7 CCTV camera coverage of the facility, both external and internal
  • Detailed surveillance and audit logs with history retained.

Fire Protection

At C15Edge Data Centers, life safety systems are designed to the highest standards in fire prevention, detection and suppression. Like our other infrastructure, fire protection is fault tolerant and redundant to ensure availability and protection.

Protection Details:

  • Fire and smoke sensors located throughout the facility
  • Early detection advises C15Edge staff on potential issues to investigate
  • FM200 Gas Suppression provides the first line of defence against fire
  • Abort stations at every egress point to pause activation.
  • Dry pipe, pre-Action sprinkler system provides secondary protection
  • Compressed air prevents water over data center unless an actual fire

Fibre Networks

C15Edge fibre design offers the same level of redundancy our customers expect. Our facility is fed by multiple fibre connections through diverse building entry points travelling securely to our meet me area. Fibre travels below and above ground through different street routes to redundant Telecommunications central office terminations. For the ultra-conscious customers, wireless redundant circuits are also available.

As a carrier neutral site, we are designed to provide customers the power of choice. Either bring your preferred Telecommunications provider or select from our available connectivity offerings. We can help facilitate your preferred networks through our direct connection to Toronto’s carrier hotels or LAN extensions to your corporate premise.

  • Carrier-Neutral Data Center
  • Redundant access to carriers at Toronto’s Carrier Hotels
  • Multiple, redundant High-capacity Fiber Networks
  • Hybrid Cloud connectivity available to most Public Cloud environments
  • C15Edge bandwidth delivered on a fully meshed, physically and carrier redundant CISCO network


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