In an age where advertisers and marketers use fear tactics to push their particular flavor of snake oil, it’s hard to find good applicable content. Especially with the way that Cloud technologies are being spun these days. If you believed the rhetoric, Cloud can solve for any technical pain point; analogous to that man with a hammer that sees it as the tool to fix any problem. At Canada151 Data Centres, rather than fear tactics we’ve taken a slightly different approach. We try to add value and provide content that might be of use to the SMB owner without being overly preachy or heavy handed. Our approach is one of the reasons that we were attracted to a piece put out by Fancom Connects ((

The focus of the article is to help business owners understand technical risk that can impact their business. It’s straightforward and simple, successfully breaking down technology layers into bite sized pieces. They also provide some relevant statics on data center design and how it can help minimize downtime. For example, how a Tier I compares in terms of outages and costs vs a Tier III design. Finally some real world examples of potential business issues of internet/cloud delivery potential issues.

While it isn’t perfect, and some of the stats are from the United States, the article does a great job of breaking things down into a two page document that delivers some good value.

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