Disaster Recovery is all about preparing your business so that it will survive a natural or human created emergency. Preparing typically starts with a review of your business operations where processes are analyzed as well as what is required to support them. When your analysis is complete, you end up with a list of systems, data and people that are key to your business and some associated risks.

That’s where Canada15Edge comes in.

Disaster Recovery Services

We have the right set of Disaster Recovery services to help you mitigate the business risks you have identified in a pragmatic and cost-effective way. We help you build business resilience for both your IT systems and key personnel all delivered from our resilient facility.

IT Resilience:

Solutions don’t have to be complex, but they can be. Depending on your recovery point objective (RPO – how current your backup data needs to be) and recovery time objective (RTO – How quickly a backup system needs to be operational), there are a wide range of options available.

IT Disaster Recovery solution options:

  • Colocation for your own recovery equipment
  • Backup & Archiving to our storage
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) so you can restore your backups to our infrastructure
  • Replication for high availability requirements. 

Work Area Recovery:

 At Canada15Edge, we provide solutions for both your key systems and people. Our Work Area Recovery or “Hot” seats provide ready to use office environments for your key staff to continue to operate your business in an emergency. There are both shared and dedicated options available for our work area recovery.

When disaster affects your office, continue operations at C15Edge with our Work Area Recovery. Our premier data center facilities provide you and your employees with everything you need to continue business uninterrupted.

 Work Area Recovery options:

  • Shared or Dedicated Work Area
  • Desktop systems or Telephony support
  • Warehousing for storing your own recovery equipment on site 
  • Shared amenities including Boardroom, Kitchen and Restrooms
  • Close proximity to hotels, restaurants, and retail centers
  • Less than 15 minutes from Pearson International Airport & Downtown Toronto