Network Services

Carrier Neutral with a variety of enhanced network services, C15Edge can help with low latency connections – locally, for your WAN and to the Cloud.


Our Network Services

C15Edge’s network services are built on a bedrock of redundant infrastructure to support the networking requirements of customer operations within our data center. Anchored by our high-performance, high-availability Internet bandwidth network, services also include a comprehensive set of offerings for connecting customer environments and locations inside and outside our data centers.

Our network is designed to give customers the power of choice. They can leverage our High Availability Bandwidth, Our Cheap and Cheerful bandwidth or bring in their favorite carrier over our direct connection to 151 Front Street.

High Availability Bandwidth

C15Edge’s high availability network is multi-homed, connected to multiple major Internet backbones. It provides customers with a redundant BGP network offering carrier diversity, best path routing and the ability to easily scale leveraging our high capacity connections.

Cost Effective Solutions

For customers looking for the right balance of budget and service, C15Edge offers single source internet delivered from a reliable but low cost internet provider.

Cross Connections

Leveraging our direct connection to Toronto’s carrier hotel, customers can bring in their preferred internet provider that will be delivered to their cabinet via cross-connect. Additionally we can provide inter or intra cabinet cross connections as needed. Also available, our Cloud Connect service


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