Canada15 works with a number of industry leading organizations delivering services from our Data Center. Part of our partner commitment is that we cooperate, not compete. For C15, that means we actively work partners to solve customer problems maintaining our focus on data center while utilizing best of breed partner capabilities to deliver the ideal solution for our customers.

Our Partner Capabilities include:


Managed Network Services

  • Network Security – Our partners help keep your network safe from any threats so that you can continue your daily routine without interruption.
  • Managed LAN / WAN – Network professions assist with the design, build and management of your LAN / WAN providing around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and support for your network.
  • Load Balancing – To support application availability or add fault tolerance, load balancing can give you the ability to split traffic between servers or even data centers.

Managed Infrastructure

  • Server Management – Experienced technicians provide the OS management, patching, monitoring and troubleshooting for your equipment in our data center.
  • Dedicated Servers – Our partners provision the physical server on your behalf according to your idea design and manage server break/fixes with a repair Service Level Agreement. This service can be combined with Server Management where required.

Cloud Services

Partner delivered enterprise class, scalable and on demand Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud capabilities to meet your compute, storage and security needs while supporting any legacy requirements.

  • Public Cloud – Offers secure, scalable multi-tenant capabilities
  • Private Cloud – Enhanced security with dedicated infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Cloud – the flexibility of public and private cloud with the ability to integrate legacy systems
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – cost-effective ways to backup and recover your business critical services to partner solutions in C15 hosted cloud environment.