Reliable Power for Uninterrupted Operations


C15Edge core design principal for crticial systems is that there are no single points of failure. Since resilient power is the cornerstone of reliable IT operations, our Power infrastructure is designed to a concurrently maintainable standard. From our redundant generators, Uninteruptable Power Systems to distribution to our customer environments, clients benefit from our 2N design.

At C15Edge we can offer customers a 100% power availability Service Level Agreement, because we have the well-maintained infrastructure to deliver it consistently, no matter what the circumstance.

Power Details:


  • Redundant Generators & Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • True (A + B) Power Distribution available to customer cabinets
  • Diesel and Natural Gas fuel diversity to avoid fuel delivery issues
  • Scalable design with expansion capacity already on site (Yes! we have extra generators and UPS ready to go!)