Colocation & Data Center

Choose Canada15Edge Data Centers: Here’s why!


  • Edge Data Center backed by 100% SLA
  • Flexible and responsive solutions to help clients meet their business goals.
  • Channel Friendly! We cooperate with our MSP and Cloud customers to solve client problems.


  • Concurrently Maintainable Power, Cooling and Network (2N design).
  • Well managed with proactive maintenance  to reduce risk of downtime.
  • Edge services mean low latency access to Canadian networks.


  • Redundant, high capacity fibre connections to Toronto carrier hotels
  • 15 minutes from downtown Toronto and Pearson Airport
  • Avoid congestion and risk associated with downtown



From a very convenient location just minutes west of Toronto’s downtown core, Canada15Edge offers highly redundant server data centre designed to a Tier 3 standard including concurrently available power, cooling and network with no single point of failure. Our Edge Data Center offer clients the benefit of low latency, high capacity access to Canadian markets. Means we offer robust Server Colocation at an unbeatable price compared with similarly designed data centres. When we say concurrently available colocation, we mean it! We can perform maintenance to our Power, Cooling and Network with no impact to colocation customers.

C15Edge is designed to be completely redundant (2N) for Power, Cooling and Fibre Networks. Fully protected Power is delivered from redundant UPS strings as well as redundant backup generators. Our generators are ‘fuel diverse’ with both natural gas and diesel systems on site. Our diesel systems have multiple refueling contracts in place to ensure continuous availability. Similarly, we have 2 completely separate Cooling systems from condensers through HVAC units and distribution. Our Network resilience is based on four (4) separate fibre entry points into the building each following diverse paths into and from the data centre. Two (2) redundant links to separate points of presence at Toronto’s carrier hotel provide physical and logical redundancy across multiple carrier networks.

We provide secure, lockable server colocation Toronto racks as well as secure cages designed to your specific requirements. Our highly secure facility includes perimeter security systems with two-factor authentication, zone based security inside the facility all covered by 24/7 video surveillance. Mantrap and biometric security provide heightened access controls for the server Colocation space within the data centre.

Our facility has many convenience features for both our partners and customers. Managing your servers in a Colocation data centre  can mean working in an uncomfortable noisy and cold environment. With that in mind, we have available and comfortable staging and work stations to make your stay more pleasant. A convenient loading dock and warehouse are also available to allow you to ship and store your servers, network and SAN equipment until you are ready. Finally, there are available boardroom, meeting and kitchen amenities so you can host client/vendor sessions or find that jolt of caffeine when you really need it. We specifically chose our very accessible Toronto GTA west location to allow clients to avoid downtown congestion and parking hassles/costs.


“The Best in Canadian Edge Data Centre Services and Toronto Server Colocation”



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