With the increasing expenses involved in building their own data infrastructure and the flexibility provided by using hosted services, many Toronto companies are now turning to colocation options. These options ensure that infrastructure is protected while offering the potential for scalable growth within their organization. To help guide you on this important topic, we’re highlighting the advantages of using colocation for your Toronto company in this latest post.

Continued Connectivity

In cases where a storm takes down a building internet connection or a power surge causes systems to malfunction, companies can lose millions of dollars and significant amounts of data. Colocation is a tool to protect against these types of data security issues. Colocation data centers run fully redundant safety mechanisms so that, in the event a problem occurs, the data is protected around the clock. Colocation companies provide redundant internet and surge protection as well as have higher quality battery backup systems to keep the power running when the grid fails.  

Greater Security

IT-based security threats to organizations are becoming more commonplace and more expensive with each attack launched. Colocation providers are able to protect against physical and cyber types of attacks that might cost a small business millions of dollars in lost revenue. Providers use high-level network security systems which are being monitored throughout the day for signs of attacks.

Cloud Migration Foundation

The colocation process gives your organization a foundation for moving towards the cloud. The process begins with moving servers off-site to the colocation provider and can work to ensure you achieve a smooth transition to a cloud infrastructure. Over time, all data can be migrated over to the colocation company for the highest levels of business scalability and data protection.

Save on Bandwidth

Another clear benefit of working with a colocation provider in Toronto is that your company can save on the bandwidth costs associated with running your network. With data costs continually rising, working with a specialist that has the technical experience and the infrastructure to keep up with your evolving demands is essential to long-term business success.

Business Scalability

In the digital marketplace, demands can rise from across the globe on short notice. Small companies are becoming multinational leaders at a rapid pace. Your network must be able to handle the increased traffic. Working with a Toronto colocation provider can help provide your organization with a scalable network systems that can handle the rises and drops in demand many businesses experience. They can also help you manage the costs associated with this type of growth.

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