Plus ca change …  (my best grade 11 french!)  We at Canada151 Data Centers are of course trying to keep a finger on the pulse of all changes in the IT landscape and we observe and participate in the ongoing debate between cloud, private cloud (and all other variations), and dedicated infrastructure. Life at the edge provides a further dimension.

In previous posts I have likened that debate to, from a financial perspective, renting a car from Hertz etc and buying it (see previous posts).  That debate is further clouded by data residency issues (no pun intended), which dictates against public cloud for sensitive data.

Next up in the evolution is the IoT – internet of things – wearable computing – where everything addressable – and including very time sensitive apps like driverless cars.  In a nutshell, cloud is / can be relatively slow; and for any applications employing vast amounts of data (Netflix, Film and TV Production Industry etc) and speed (driverless cars etc), latency matters; therefore location matters (as well as direct connectivity).  This demand is / will be huge (see image above). Please see the link below to an interesting article from RTInsights on this topic.

RTInsights Edge Computing

As predominantly a Colocation provider 15 minutes outside of downtown Toronto, we are agnostic to all of the above: we can provide highly redundant, tier III standard infrastructure to public and private cloud, dedicated and variations on the foregoing, including backup and disaster recovery. Our location and redundant connectivity to Toronto’s carrier hotels ensures high speed capabilities.