Operating an in-house data center is an important strategic decision for your business. Depending on the size, complexity, and staffing of your organization it may not be worth the distraction and cost to build and/or maintain your own in-house environment. Outsourcing to data center professionals can make a lot of business sense. That’s one of the reasons companies across the globe count on Canada15Edge Data Centers for their data center needs. Our experts at Canada15Edge Data Centershave significant experience in building and maintaining all aspects of data center operations. Canada15Edge provides the industry expertise and data center businesses can depend on when choosing a data center in Toronto.


Your company must have access to its applications and data around the clock, and this data should be protected against loss. Choosing a reliable Toronto data center can assure the uptime that your business needs to access your applications and data. Make sure the data center you are considering has redundant systems in place with things like surge protection and multiple generators and uninterruptible power systems to protect your applications and data and ensure your business has the uptime access it needs.

Security and Environmental Protection

Ask about how the Toronto data center will store your equipment. Will your IT assets be stored in a secure facility and protected against environmental hazards like heat levels or fire? The facility where you decide to locate your servers should be highly secure with things like perimeter security, two-factor authentication and biometric controls. Also, they should have fire suppression systems and redundant cooling units to make sure if there is an HVAC unit failure, there is enough redundancy to keep your servers cool. Request a tour to see the measures and protection that are in place.

Scalable Demand

When you are selecting a data center, you want to make sure it will be able to support your needs both now and into the future. Make sure that you work with a Toronto data center that has a design for the future with a growth plan and scalable infrastructure. Companies with a plan and scalable infrastructure can make sure that when your business needs change, they can support you. Speak to the company about their data center capacity and how they manage increases in demand.

The Reputation of the Company

When reviewing your data center options, make sure the reputation of the company is considered. The company should be equipped to handle all challenges in delivering a data center solution to your business. It’s important that you learn more about the background of the firm and their experiences in the market with past customers. Ask them for references that you can consult with directly. Find out more about their service experience, as this can help reveal what you can expect from the company should you choose their services.

Working with a trusted partner such as Canada15Edge Data Centers Inc. is the best way to ensure your organization’s data center demands are met long into the future. Our team offers reliability, flexibility with a secure and scalable data center to businesses in diverse industries. To discover more about our services, please call us directly.