C15Edge Data Centers offers customers highly secure, redundant, 24/7 secure facility with direct access to Canadian Networks. They have the peace of mind that their IT assets are protected and giving them low latency access to their Users.

Canadian:  Our location offers significant benefits to International customers. Politically stable, protection versus the US Patriot Act and favorable currency.

Highly Secure: Hardened perimeter with 2-Factor Authentication, 24/7 monitoring and video surveillance, Internal Access Controls and Biometric scan required for access to IT space.

Redundant Systems: All core systems supporting Power, Cooling and Network are all 2-N design. That means no single point of failure allowing us to support 100% Service Level Agreements backed by infrastructure. 

Edge Data Center: Our clients depend on us for low latency access to Canadian networks to support their Canadian customers.

Flexible Partner – As a mid-sized data center, we offer a high touch service and flexibility that is difficult for larger Telco sites to provide.

The C15Edge Data Center Difference


Conveniently 15 minutes from Pearson Airport and downtown Toronto. 

  • Carrier Neutral – fibre connected to Toronto carrier hotels
  • All the benefits without hassle or risk associated with downtown core
  • Affiliate sites in Vancouver, Calgary, GTA, NFLD, US and UK

Edge services providing the Data Center and Network access you need.

  • Proximity matters! Gain direct access to the networks your business needs
  • Uptime guaranteed by SLA backed by  design ( 2N for Power, Cooling, Network)
  • Cloud Enablement – Hybrid-ready  supporting legacy, private or public cloud needs
Partner Ecosystem

We stick to resilient data center and access to critical networks. 

  • Extensive Partner Ecosystem to support Cloud nad Managed Services
  • Together with our partners, our capabilities are able to solve the most technical challenges.
  • Single point of contact – either C15Edge or Partner at client option.