C15Edge Data Centers offers customers highly secure, redundant, 24/7 secure facility with direct access to Canadian Networks. They have the peace of mind that their IT assets are protected and giving them low latency access to their Users.

Highly Secure means: Perimeter Security with 2-Factor Authentication, 24/7 monitoring and video surveillance, Internal Access Controls and Biometric scan required for access to IT space.

Redundant Systems mean: That all core systems supporting Power, Cooling and Network are all 2-N design with no single point of failure. Using power as an example, each cabinet has access to 2 distribution paths, 2 UPS systems which are in turn backed by 2 ATS switches and 2 active generators. Literally no single point of failure. We even have fuel diversity with a Diesel and Natural Gas generator to minimize risks of fuel delivery. The same type of redundancy applies to Cooling and Network.

Direct or Edge Network means: That our clients depend on us for low latency access to their Canadian markets. As a Carrier Neutral data center, we facilitate client connections to their preferred networks either locally or via our fibre connections to Toronto Carrier Hotels.

Flexible Partner – We also aren’t big Telco and value our customers. We deliver SLA backed uptime powered by redundant infrastructure served with a level of flexibility and service that is difficult for larger companies to offer.

The C15Edge Data Center Difference


Conveniently 15 minutes from Pearson Airport and downtown Toronto. 

  • Carrier Neutral – fibre connected to Toronto carrier hotels
  • All the benefits without hassle or risk associated with downtown core
  • Affiliate sites in Vancouver, Calgary, GTA, NFLD, US and UK

Edge services providing the Data Center and Network access you need.

  • Proximity matters! Gain direct access to the networks your business needs
  • Uptime guaranteed by SLA backed by  design ( 2N for Power, Cooling, Network)
  • Cloud Enablement – Hybrid-ready  supporting legacy, private or public cloud needs
Channel Friendly

We stick to resilient data center and access to critical networks. 

  • We cooperate with our extensive Parter Ecosystem to address other requirements
  • Together with our partners, our capabilities are able to solve the most technical challenges.
  • Single point of contact – either C15Edge or Partner at client option.

Channel Partners can benefit from our:

  • Referral and Wholesale Program
  • Joint Sales Opportunities
  • Partner Workspace at our facility